Subtle, light pavilion by Ryue Nishizawa and Nendo. More info.


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I think all anyone really needs is a good adventure.

I think all anyone really needs is a good adventure.


“Fuck inspirational quotes. Do your own thing and life to the fullest, then you’ll start inspire others” -ING

UMJ Architecture 10 Borobudur Temple Trip.. :D


SCREW Major Debut Single “XANADU” Release Interview

— On October 17th, your Major Debut Single “XANADU” will be released, so please tell us something about the concept and the things you wanted to express with it.

Byo: It contains all of what SCREW has been until here and raises expectations for the future. That’s probably it.

Kazuki: It is more than ever very SCREW-like and we made it with wanting to show how SCREW has evolved.

Manabu: It’s the core of SCREW.

Rui: Be it the indies scene or the major scene, it is our declared intention that SCREW do as they please.

Jin: It is an extension of what SCREW has come to be. I wanted to show how we have grown.

— How did you come to decide about the lead track’s titled. Please also explain the meaning of it to us.

Byo: I decided it. (It means) to not throw away one’s dreams and (just) pursue your ideals.

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Nyappy Basudei to Ummu Chan to Sony Kun!!!


THE WORD ALIVE with #petersaysdenim (Taken with Instagram at petersaysdenim HQ)

Tugas anak TK3.. :v

lumayan.. masuk 3 video terbaik.. :3

backsound music:

1. Interlude - Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas

2. Interlude - Attack Attack!

3. Shake Your Body - Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas

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